Dawson Schultz is a busy, active boy from Rollingstone, Minn., who has an incredible memory and loves to ask the question
“why.” Fortunately, it was his mom, Trish, asking “why” at the right time that led to his early diagnosis of type 1 diabetes.
Having type 1 diabetes herself, she noted Dawson was extremely thirsty and urinating frequently. Recognizing the signs, she
decided to test his blood sugar. When her meter wouldn’t read his results, she knew it was time to take him to the doctor for
further testing.

“Luckily, we caught it right away and Dawson did not show some of the other typical signs such as sickness, weight loss and
dehydration. Dawson was only in the hospital overnight,” says Trish and his father, Eric.

During this time he had Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals by his side, providing meal tickets to his family while he was in the
hospital and gas cards to help get to and from the additional appointments.

Thanks to the great care from Kathleen Marquart, MD, pediatric endocrinologist and Linda Privet, diabetes educator at
Gundersen Health System, Dawson has learned how to check his own blood sugars four to six times a day. “We are so proud
of him. He is learning about his body and what his body needs through this process. He is learning how to respond and what
he needs to do when he’s not feeling well,” says Mom.

As Dawson continues to learn about type 1 diabetes, he is enjoying all of his favorite professional sports teams in Minnesota.
He knows the names, positions and numbers of every player on every team.
He loves watching farming shows, and he wants to be a farmer when he grows up.
Recently, Dawson was talking to his grandpa and grandma and he said, “I know I won’t have diabetes forever, because there
will be a cure. My diabetes will go away without any complications.”

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