Jesse Plowman

When Jesse Plowman was just a few months old, he was violently shaken resulting in a life-altering traumatic brain injury (TBI). A bright spot in Jesse’s life has been his adoptive family, the Plowman’s. They have fought for, cared for, cried with and loved Jesse since that fateful day.

Jesse has many developmental delays because of the TBI. At 6 months old, he started having difficult-to-control seizures many times a day. He has been hospitalized often with health problems; some nearly fatal.

“One hospital stay lasted three months, leaving Jesse so weak it erased nearly all the progress he had made. He could no longer crawl, sit up or even lift his head. His immune system was really low. They told us he may be coming home to die, but he’s a fighter who had defied death too many times. We weren’t ready to give up,” says Robin. “For the next year I only left the house with him to go to doctor appointments. Slowly he started to gain strength; every little milestone was a miracle.”

CMN Hospitals has been there along the way supplying specialized equipment to support Jesse’s development. These adaptive items include an in-home jungle gym, wheelchair umbrella, specialized car seat and tricycle. CMN Hospitals also provided support for an iPad that helps Jesse with his vison and learning development.

The Plowman’s are grateful: “Our family whole heartily supports CMN Hospitals. It’s great to find an organization that helps so many families and also keeps donations in the community.”

Jesse will be going to school full-time in the fall. He has gained so much and has even started talking. Robin says, “Our family has been blessed by this little boy. His smile is contagious, he gives great bear hugs and he is a heart stealer!”

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