By the time he turned three, Jude Schipper had been through more surgeries than most people will see in
a lifetime. He had also developed such a thorough love for others that his parents, Megan and Luke, warn:
“Caution—Jude WILL hug you!”

Born prematurely with Spina Bifida, Hydrocephalus, and an absent left leg, Jude faced his first major surgery
when he was just 15 hours old. When he was 2 weeks old, he had another surgery to place a shunt in his brain.
In 2015 alone, Jude would endure 7 more shunt procedures.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals provides much needed support to Jude and his family. During their
difficult stretch of shunt procedures, the family spent many hours in the car, sometimes on unplanned trips to
the hospital. They never had to worry about where the money was going to come from for gas. “Something that
seems so basic really could have been a huge burden if it wasn’t for CMN Hospitals,” says Megan.

“Jude is just one kid who is going to have a lifetime of needs. We could not, by ourselves, get him everything
that he needs and is going to need in order to thrive if it weren’t for the support we receive from CMN
Hospitals,” says Megan.

CMN Hospitals also provided funding for a special wheelchair to help Jude get around, as well as an adaptive
bike. These crucial pieces of equipment support Jude’s physical health, mobility, and muscle development in his
arms and leg.

Just like other kids, Jude loves to play ball, swim, and read books with his family. He enjoys eating noodles
and cereal. While he will face significant medical needs for the rest of his life, Jude’s doctors are focused on
maximizing his therapies so that he can live a full life and participate in the same activities that other kids enjoy

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