Julian Franzwa

The holidays are typically a happy and exciting time for most kids, but this was not the case for one little boy from Goodview, Minn. On December 23, 2015, Julian was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and received his first of many rounds of chemotherapy on Christmas Eve.
This would be the beginning of a long three-year battle with cancer for Julian and his family, but Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and his team of doctors at Gundersen Health System were there with them the whole way.
“Normal” for Julian has been chemotherapy, blood transfusions, lumbar punctures, frequent hospitalizations, even more frequent clinic visits and many, many missed childhood activities.
“There are so many families impacted by medical and financial issues and the combination can make the situation seem that much harder to deal with. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals helps lessen the burden of it all and provides happy experiences for children who are going through so much emotionally and physically. We couldn’t be more grateful for their help,” say Julian’s parents, Jason and Kaitlin.
“CMN Hospitals has also provided us with numerous gas cards over the years and meal vouchers throughout every
hospital stay and during long clinic visits,” Kaitlin adds.
Thanks to the support of Julian’s team—including the CMN Hospitals staff, his Gundersen care team, seemingly tireless
parents and the amazing resiliency of a kid—he is in remission and will be done with cancer treatments on April 7, 2019.
Now Julian can focus on just being a kid—a kid who dreams of being a police officer with the K-9 unit someday. But
before then he will continue to do what he loves like playing with his little brother, Jamison, starting kindergarten and
everything else that a typical 6-year old boy does.