Keaton Dahl

Keaton is an athletic 11-year old who loves to be active. Whether it’s playing baseball, basketball or his favorite school
subject – gym. This young man has big dreams and aspires to be a professional ball player when he grows up.
The only things getting between Keaton and the sports he loves was chronic osteomyelitis in his left foot—a serious
and difficult-to-treat infection in the bone. “Last year he was fighting four different infections in his foot at one time,”
recall his parents Allison and Tim.
Keaton has been plagued with problems in his foot since age 5. His parents can list the many treatments including
several rounds of antibiotics, a special shoe insole, multiple surgeries, implants, procedures to clean out infections,
casts, walking boots, physical therapies and seemingly endless hospitalizations.
“During one of Keaton’s hospital stays we learned about Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. They provided us with
meal vouchers for the cafeteria. This was amazing because we were so worried about Keaton, we would forget about
ourselves and the meal vouchers were very helpful,” Allison and Tim explain.
They are also grateful for Gundersen’s child life specialists, commenting, “They had fun projects for Keaton to do to keep
him entertained during his stay. They were a godsend!” CMN Hospitals® helped develop Child Life Services at Gundersen
and has been a constant supporter, providing grants for supplies, toys, books and electronics used by the kids.
Keaton also had numerous clinic visits. “Often, we were at the clinic at least twice a week,” his parents remember.
“With gas cards from CMN Hospitals we didn’t have to worry about how we were going to get Keaton to his
appointment. It was a huge lifesaver.”
Allison and Tim happily report that Keaton has progressed enough that he is back playing basketball and baseball.
They say, “After the summer we had in 2018 it is amazing just to see Keaton back out there playing.”