Kids play hard, and with that play comes the occasional bump. When Lane’s mom, Chris, saw his swollen elbow in June
of 2017, she talked with him about being more careful on the basketball court. When the swelling worsened, Chris took
Lane to the doctor. Several blood tests and a chilling phone call later, mother and son tearfully packed their bags, heading
to Gundersen Health System’s Pediatric Oncology department for the first of many aggressive treatments to address his
diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

“The not knowing was probably the worst of it,” says Chris. “Not knowing what was going to happen next. Will it hurt, will he

Now a middle school student, Lane keeps up on his schoolwork from home, with weekly visits from a dedicated teacher. Frequent chemotherapy treatments leave him vulnerable to any and all viruses, and the need to avoid extra illness is crucial for Lane.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has helped Lane and his mom, “Over and above what would be expected…they bring
hope when you feel that there isn’t any,” says Chris. They have helped with travel expenses and food as well as emotional
support through the frequent hospital stays and clinic visits. “They have the answers before you ask them,” says Chris, and
most importantly, “They treat my child like he is royalty. The compassion of these people is outstanding.”

Lane is a typical kid. He loves to play video games. He follows the Oklahoma City Thunder NBA team and the Seattle
Seahawks in the NFL. He dreams about becoming a child psychologist or a massage therapist someday. Chris says that Lane’s
attitude through his treatment has been “Really amazing—he’s so grown up.”

As a single mom with her own medical challenges, Chris is determined to do whatever it takes to see her child through the
years ahead as he joins with his medical team to fight the battle against cancer

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