Lyla is a fighter, having survived and even thrived after doctors told her parents to prepare for the worst when she was born.
With a diagnosis of Trisomy 18, Lyla has an extra chromosome on the eighteenth pair of every cell of her body. Only half of
babies born with this condition survive, and only about ten percent will live beyond their first year of life.

Lyla had kidney and bladder abnormalities that caused severe infections, landing her in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at
Gundersen Health System for twelve days after birth and in the hospital three times during her first year of life. When she was
ten months old, she had major surgery to repair these abnormalities, and her kidneys have continued to improve ever since.

Lyla has broken all the rules of Trisomy 18. She is walking independently using special equipment. She feeds herself, says
many words and phrases, and is happy and healthy. She pays regular visits to Gundersen Health System’s Ophthalmology,
Orthopedics, Audiology, ENT, and Pediatric specialists for ongoing care and therapy.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has played a big role in Lyla’s life. They funded music therapy and an iPad that Lyla uses
every day to learn, both of which have been extremely beneficial for her. They also covered expenses for Lyla to attend Easter
Seals camp, which Lyla’s parents, Joel and Jenny, say was an “amazing experience.”

“Health insurance does not cover everything these children need,” says Jenny. “CMN Hospitals has allowed Lyla to experience
things she never would have experienced otherwise. They have provided therapies which have allowed her to thrive and learn.”
Today, Lyla loves to play catch, go swimming, watch movies, and spend time with babies. Music and singing also make her
happy. She has a lot of personality and loves sharing it at school with her friends.

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