Maddy Frank has navigated life with Cystic Fibrosis since she was born. Keeping her lungs clear and helping her to grow and
thrive have been the main goals of her parents, Melissa and Joe, and their medical team—and Maddy has approached these
goals with charm and grace.

“Even when she was two years old and had to use a Vest Airway Clearance device to help clear her lungs, Maddy would have a
smile on her face. She would sing during treatments because the vest made her voice sound funny,” says Melissa.

Maddy’s preschool years were peppered by illnesses and hospital stays as she fought off virus after infection. Her first sinus
surgery when she was 3 years old led to a second procedure at the age of 5. During a CT scan to check on her sinuses, a
mass was discovered at the back of her esophagus—and back into surgery she went to remove the mass. When she was 11,
she was back at Gundersen Health System, this time for ten days, receiving a “tune-up,” a cycle of preventative antibiotics and
therapy to keep her symptoms in check.

Maddy looks her Cystic Fibrosis straight in the eye. Her daily regimen still includes two hours of therapy treatments and a
handful of medications, but this keeps her healthy and able to live a pretty typical teenage busy life.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals has been there for Maddy and her family through every ordeal, providing meal vouchers
during hospital stays, and even helped with funding to send Maddy to camp.

Now a vibrant middle schooler, Maddy is learning to play the piano. She loves to read and re-read Harry Potter books, and she
gets a laugh out of watching American’s Funniest Home Videos.

“We all want the best for our kids,” says Maddy’s mom, Melissa. “There are so many things families of children with medical
conditions need to think about and CMN Hospitals helps these families get needed equipment, supplies and resources that
are otherwise not available.”

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