Madelyn Payne

“Children like Madelyn require such special care and equipment. As parents we could never afford all she needs on our own. For families who have children with special medical needs, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® is there to provide the opportunities they deserve. It is very difficult to be on this journey but CMN Hospitals makes it a little easier.”

These impassioned words come from Sarah and Greg Payne of La Crosse, Wis. While only 3½ years old, their daughter, Madelyn, has faced a lifetime of complex medical challenges. These include hearing and vision loss, seizures, developmental and mobility delays, immunodeficiency, feeding difficulties, bowel and bladder problems, and an inability to talk.

“CMN Hospitals has helped us with meal vouchers during Madelyn’s numerous hospital stays at Gundersen Health System,” says Sarah. “They also purchased Madelyn’s Tumbleform Feeder Seat. This is used for her feedings. It also allows her to be on the floor and interacting with her younger sister, Ava.”

Madelyn’s many medical problems are probably a result of a rare, and likely progressive, brain disorder. Madelyn has had many hospital stays and doctor visits, and needs specialized care and adaptive equipment. For all of this the Paynes have had the support of CMN Hospitals.

“One of the most helpful things for us has been respite care funding from CMN Hospitals so we can have licensed care providers when we need to go out,” Sarah explains. “They’ve also helped fund the palliative care appointments that allow us to plan for Madelyn’s future.”

According to Sarah, Madelyn is happy, easy-going and loves to be with people. Madelyn doesn’t talk but she conveys a lot through her smile and laugh, which she shows off the most when listening to music. She can’t walk or crawl, but Madelyn loves to be on the move whether swinging, on a bike ride with Dad or on a walk. CMN Hospitals will continue to be there every step of the way.

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