Tannek Gilbertson

At just two years old, Tannek Gilbertson is loaded with personality. This outgoing toddler “dances like crazy,” his mother, Felicity Baldwin, reports. “It’s his favorite thing to do. Anytime music is on, he has to dance.”

Tannek also likes to sing, color, play, paint and take car rides, but when he knows he’s in trouble he likely to make a run for it. He’s a relatively normal kid in most ways…but one.

Tannek was born with his intestines outside his body. Surgery, days after his birth, successfully placed his intestines inside, but it took a long time for him to learn to eat. His parents had to deal with vomiting and intestinal blockages requiring surgery.

Tannek’s mother, Felicity, and father, Scott Gilbertson, had their hands full with four young children—three with special health issues. “Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is always there when you need them,” remarks Felicity. “It’s a great organization.”

While Tannek was in the hospital, and later traveling to doctors’ appointments, CMN Hospital provided the family with meal vouchers and gas cards. Because he has difficulty easily digesting food, Tannek needed special formula which CMN Hospitals helped the family purchase.

Digestive problems are a way of life for Tannek, but like most growing boys, Tannek still loves to eat. More importantly, he’s thriving and happy. Felicity says, “His giggle will make your day.”

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